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Posted by da Front Porch on Friday, September 26, 2014 Under: Designer
1. What is the soul purpose of Yera Brand?

YERAbrand was created in in order to provide fashionable, trendy, celebrity inspired and custom fashion at an affordable price. YERA is names after Yerusalem Gebregiorgis, a close friend of mine that passed in 2010. Initially I named my clothing line after her, we were like sisters, then I also thought of an acronym to describe my vision of what I wanted the clothes to represent: youthful, elegant, retro, and artistic women's fashion.

2. What steps did you take to get your business started?

I started first by making pieces for my girl friends. I then collaborated with one of my best friends, Dwayne Woodard (also a designer) to make a collection. Our collection was successful, so then I did an independent collection in Spring 2011. Shortly after I moved to Miami from Atlanta and decided to turn my dreams into reality. Shorty thereafter I started marketing myself here to get potential clients. In 2012 I launched a website. My business has been rapidly growing since then. I participated in fashion shows here in Miami (The FE Summit fashion show, Funkshion, and Brickell Fashion Week). My prescience started to grow here and with the help of social media my presence began to grow globally.

3. Describe the feeling you have when Yera Brand gets support, example at a fashion show?

It's indescribable. I amazed sometimes when I'm out and people will recognize me from fashion shows or social media. I get approached all the time my models that have worked with me in either fashion shows or photo shoots. I've done so many that sometimes it's hard to remember everyone but every time someone shows their support, it's always a humbling and overwhelming experience. I love all my supporters.. Without them, I'd be nothing.

4. How can people contact you, include social media links?

My website is 
www.yerabrand.com. We are on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook as YERAbrand.

5. What are your Yera Brand's goal for 2014 and how is that coming along?

My goal for 2014 was to be able to find an investor. I accomplished that goal. My goal for 2015 is to be carried in boutiques across the country.

6. Where has your company been seen and used and where is the companies head quarters?

My clothing has been seen in fashion shows in Atlanta, Miami, and Los Angeles. My clothing has been seen on reality TV personalities, models, and entertainers. We are based in Miami, Florida.

7. What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is wearable art. Fashion is self expression.

8. Who are the people that keep the company running and progressing?

God, myself, and my customers and supporters.

9. Do you have any shout outs?

Shout out to God and my supporters.

10. What is a motivational message for someone who wants to start their own business with limited funs?

Don't focus on the funds or lack thereof. Focus on your talent and your creativity. Beneficial people and opportunities will find their way to you. Most peoples' mistake is that they worry too much about the money. Focus on your talent and perfecting your craft.. The money will come.

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