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YOLO BILF: Rear View

Posted by da Front Porch on Monday, October 27, 2014 Under: Rappers
1. What is Yolo Bilf's message to the streets?
Stop killing the youth dem and build real unity for a better future with knowledge, love, and understanding. 

2. Where are you from?
I was born in South America till the age of 3, then I moved to Brooklyn, New York till my coming year of kindergarten I moved to Hyattsville, Maryland P.G. County side where I beenn at for most of my life.

3. What label are you rocking with?
 My label is Foreign America Enterprise 

4. What inspired the song Rearview?
Well the beat was already named rear view so I went off that basically. My feeling of not looking back and going forward with my music career threw all things that try and can hold me back.

5. What made you choose to add Rearview to WorldStarHipHop and how did the video get created to have an urban movie vibe?
I choose to do rear view because of the vibe the song brings,the message,and for people that thought I ain't have no bars or a story to tell.

6. How can people contact you thru social media?
People can contact me by hitting up my IG @YOLOBILF or my email yolobilf@gmail.com my labels IG @Faenterprise1 and emailFaenterprise1@gmail.com

7. All in all, how was 2014 for Yolo Bilf?
It was nothing but a big learning 
experience for me to grow as a person and better artist.

8. What's your next major move since Rearview has went viral?
Well I will be opening up for WACKA FLOCKA and RIFF RAFF in Baltimore, Maryland and shooting a video to a song I had did with WACKA.

9. Do you have any shout outs?
I wanna give a Big shout out  to Samantha Cartel that takes care of most of my social media promotion along side Bread Boi Foe my Label F.A.E., STAMPDMV, ENDUHSTREATZ,  PRESTIGEFILMWORKS,HYATTSVILLE, ALL MY FOREIGN AMERICANS,And all my real fans that love me  and all my real fans that hate me

10. Do you have a message to inspire those that are reading this interview?
Invest time in your self to perfect your craft so you ready when someone decides to invest in you and never give up. Hard work shines thru talent but if you have both, you can be something to deal with.

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