The Ballet Suddenly Begins....

An outlet for the things I've always wanted to do, but have been too afraid to.

When I’m no longer convinced by the signs in nature , I turn to the advice of humans

From there I return to natural happenings and it cycles out until I gain the reassurance I need to spread my wings

Now, the signs are so clear

From the combination of constant prayer, meditation, affirmation, and dedication of my will power ( while also constantly falling off my upward path ) I began to get closer to my inner nirvana state

Recently, I’ve been holding on tightly to what i assumed to be the last I could hold on to

Forgetting nothing is, or ever will be “mine” except my choices

I asked My Source, Allah ; “what will it take for me to be okay , without possessing some place , material items, status or relationship ”

And it gave me ‘Ten Of Water’

telling me that it may feel unusual for me to deal with such an influx of positivity and I have to learn how to handle such a serge of new unfamiliar (tho harmless) energy

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My name is Eryn Marie Jones, and I'm a 22 year old single mother/entrepreneur. I am hosting this page in hopes of raising money for my non-profit community organization "Thriving Mindset" as well as my home based studio where I hope to start up an online business that can further support me in my cause continue reading

My name is Eryn Marie Jones & I go by Ryn Jo Yuniverse or Ballaerena. Ryn Jo is a shortening of my first and last name e(Ryn Jo)nes & I always wanted to be a ballerina ever since I was a child, that's why I call myself that, just with different spelling. It's really a 3-part meaning, one being an actual poised & balanced woman, a ballerina, another is balling out, and creating abundance. And lastly Erena is my name in Russian, which is one of my favorite foreign languages aside from Arabic, Latin and Mandarin. Ballaerena is my rough tough, sexy side, it's much more focused on music and connecting to my audience. RJY is a universal version of myself, accessing the limitless side of life, from cover songs, vlogs, how to videos, dancing videos, fashion & whatever I put my mind to, it's what I created so people can get to know me and all of my exterior talents. And my real name will be used in extremely personal expressions of myself. Continue reading ...