September 22, 2016

Desloc Piccalo is da Stick King Viber ya know! His game is right in his hometown of Overtown - Miami, FL.  He believes the game effected the hood when people had to move out of town, and in those towns, people went and tried to steal it. He peeped their whole move. 

Desloc Piccalo was asked if he had the opportunity to do anything besides music, what would he do and he replied, “Music.”Part-owner, Ghetto, keeps the everyday operations together with his teammate Piccalo. Piccalo made it clear that the people who get money and can’t back home to their hood never really were home before they left.

If you ask Piccalo what a pu**y ni**a is, he’s gonna say, “a Pu**y Ni**a is something that you do not want to be, a flaw nig*a, a fu@k nig*a that do ho sh*t, bit*h nig*a sh*t… a pu**y ni**a is the flawest ni**a in the world, he’ll leave his homeboys stranded, he fight hoes only, he a snitch, he’ll steal from somebody trying to feed him…he just a pu**y ni**a.

During the ride in Overtown, Miami rapper JT Money the bitchizerr called in and showed love. The list of Miami artists that Piccalo has collaborated with isastronomical. Piccalo’s music is definitely being appreciated from the kids to adults.Just check the amount of homemade YouTube videos with Piccalo’s music. Keep in mind, Piccalo does not curse in his music.

Mr. Towner 4 Life a.k.a. Desloc Piccalo admits that he gets motivated to do music when he comes to the hood – to elevate the crib – from being around goons and guns. Every block Piccalo turns up switches into an immediate party. He said, “You can’t be real today, flaw tomorrow and real the next day.” A few seconds later we pulled up to a couple of his homeboys. They had a bottle in the trunk bangin’ Piccalo’s “Vibin (In My Zone).” 

His track “Picture on a T-Shirt” means the most to him, this was his first song to get on B.E.T. that put him on when he was a jitterbug running with Pitbull. The animated rapper went on to say he wants to do other types of music with Musiq, R. Kelly, and Lauryn Hill and that with that money he’s gonna feed the people that need to be fed.

“The strong take strong too,” was a line Piccalo was talking about when it comes to people dying. He said Overtown really raised him to do smart shit instead of dumb shit. He chose to be a sponge as an only child from his mom and as a father he can’t leave dude (his son) but he (Piccalo) is making choices that benefit his shorty (son).

His message is to brush certain shit off. He wants everybody to know that he had fun while he was here and wants you to have fun when he is gone.

“Lock N Grind Entertainment is a machine. The machine is on!”

Desloc Piccalo is also really into art, which is unknown to many. We took a stop at a wall of graffiti with dolphins, a skeleton, “MIAMI” and more – straight pure street art. He made it known that the art convention uses this hip-hop vibin’ wall of art as well. At the end of the day, he loves love; he respects being real, loves to have fun and is bout his business.


Hotboy Turk (Repost)

September 22, 2016

It’s been two years that Turk has been home from the penitentiary and says it’s all love to be home all day everyday grinding. “God first, family second and everything else falls in play.” YNT Empire is the label. YNT comes from Young N Thuggin, his solo album with CashMoney. While locked up, he was thinking of ways to brand himself as empire. YNT stuck out because he started the Young N Thuggin movement when he was with CashMoney so he shortened it up and it became a movement. It sta...

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July 22, 2014
Civility is something that we all grew up with. We know that the right thing to do

is just to be polite with conversation and action. Even if civility was not present 

on a constant basis in your home it was present on PBS. All of us have seen one, 

a few or many of the educational programs they have had on the televised circuit 

no matter which decade we grew up with. So where did the community go wrong. 

The community says that bullying is wrong but the community also promotes 

bullying. Coaches ...

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Because You Knew You Loved Me

July 21, 2014

And its because you knew you loved me

If that why you never left me

Friends, say that you are the only person I need

I’m not getting emotional with you

For that would make me sobby

I’d really like to stop

Sit, think, write then stand

And tell you the truth.

But I have a question that needs answered.

Why did you stay

I have poked you with needles

And said that its art

Even added poison to your head

And called it the new look

Did you like that

Why did you stay when the

Alcohol knocked me out

Lungs became sm...

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July 20, 2014
In learning, nothing is more profitable than to associate with others who have learned is a 

passage from Hsun Tzu in ENCOURAGIN LEARNING (1). I believe power comes from the willingness to 

learn and gain ways to understand others points of view with my point of view. My meaning of power is 

people often wonder even the righteous. Also with power brings responsibility and education is power.

As a student I have had to learn ways to train my brain to become powerful and to stay 

powerful by not fal...

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Psych Experiments On Animals

July 20, 2014
Are we still living in the barbaric age? Is today’s technology limited to only 

communication? Are we as people responsible for protecting the ecosystem? Animals deserve 

fair treatments just as humans. I could understand why animals were being killed 50 plus years 

ago for psychological research and experiments but not in today’s society. From animals being 

killed for this purpose, the ecosystem is disturbed. Animals such as rabbits being used for 

research may cause their predators to gain ...

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July 19, 2014

There is no illusion that athletes in college and university levels produce the world's greatest National Basketball Association (NBA) stars. There is also no illusion that University of Connecticut Huskies only graduates a quarter of their NCAA Basketball Athletes and the NCAA Basketball as whole graduates 66% of their male athletes according to a report by Steve Wieberg, USA TODAY. Some of these athletes leave school early to pursue a career as a professional athlete. So one may wonder if t...

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July 19, 2014

All he did was listen to his wife. Stanley wore the blue suit as she suggested. "Stanley, the red tie shows muscle, firmness and force," said his wife. Only if she knew Stanley was taking all of the firmness and force in his mind to control his abused stomach muscles. She knows he was lactose intolerant but still decided to add cheese and milk to his mornings grits and eggs. But she sure knew how to make perfect coffee with 4 sugars and three creams. After grinning from the coffees aroma, wit...

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July 19, 2014

There is no such thing as failure (Michael, 2012). Failure is a quality of thought that must be discharged and eliminated from a person's psyche if the person has put forth effort. The only true failure is the non-attempt to attempt to improve in ones creativity. Personally, I believe that the second attempt a person gives is really the first try. Another one of my favorite self-motivating mental messages is, "I never claimed to be perfect, I only claimed to be me." If a person keeps their go...

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