Because You Knew You Loved Me

Posted by da Front Porch on Monday, July 21, 2014

And its because you knew you loved me

If that why you never left me

Friends, say that you are the only person I need

I’m not getting emotional with you

For that would make me sobby

I’d really like to stop

Sit, think, write then stand

And tell you the truth.

But I have a question that needs answered.

Why did you stay

I have poked you with needles

And said that its art

Even added poison to your head

And called it the new look

Did you like that

Why did you stay when the

Alcohol knocked me out

Lungs became smokey

And the world turned their back

“Hey, relax, wake up man.”

Over and over.

But I did me just that easy.

Wow. Isn’t this crazy.

Now I’m happy.

Lost my apartment then bought a house.

Never had one girlfriend ever.

Now I have a wonderful wife.

Even the rain is warm

Because you are still by my side

And all around me.

Thank you for loving me.

Now for my hancock

Which will be in two important spots

The first spot after dear

The second spot after sincerely.

I have learned to love me first.

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