Posted by da Front Porch on Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Civility is something that we all grew up with. We know that the right thing to do

is just to be polite with conversation and action. Even if civility was not present 

on a constant basis in your home it was present on PBS. All of us have seen one, 

a few or many of the educational programs they have had on the televised circuit 

no matter which decade we grew up with. So where did the community go wrong. 

The community says that bullying is wrong but the community also promotes 

bullying. Coaches fighting referees over play calls are only teaching student athletes 

that when you can’t get your way, violence is the best response. In South Carolina, 

there was a stampede at a school from parents who wanted to sign their child 

up for the county’s only engineering elementary school. The only message being 

taught from this situation is that it is okay to beat someone to get ahead. That is the 

same message that is seen only hours after Thanksgiving Dinner with family and 

friends due to Black Friday. Personal greed to be first has communicated a negative 

message to children everywhere. Civility will only become seen; appreciated and 

used when adults implement civility into his or her own daily life.

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