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Posted by da Front Porch on Thursday, September 22, 2016

It’s been two years that Turk has been home from the penitentiary and says it’s all love to be home all day everyday grinding. “God first, family second and everything else falls in play.” YNT Empire is the label. YNT comes from Young N Thuggin, his solo album with CashMoney. While locked up, he was thinking of ways to brand himself as empire. YNT stuck out because he started the Young N Thuggin movement when he was with CashMoney so he shortened it up and it became a movement. It started in prison with his YNT Incarcerated Magazine that going through the federal systems right now. People are able to get in tune that are locked up in prison. Turk says, “it is getting bigger and better every day.” 

THUGGIN – Taking hardships using God’s gift in spite of negativity. A lot of people look at the word and tend to get scared but I have an acronym for it. It’s my lifestyle, how I live.  I went thru a lot in my life. Who’s to say I can’t say I’m thuggin and have my own meaning to it. That’s what thuggin mean to me.

BEING A FATHER – Being a father is a responsibility, to sacrifice, being there for your family no matter what.

NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans my hometown where it all started, where Turk was discovered at, the roots the foundation of me.

HIP HOP – Hip Hop is really a lifestyle, however you living. I don’t think it should be no one format how hip hop should be. However you living, however you feel. What comes from the heart touches the heart. A lot of people get caught up into that word, once again, words I don’t get caught up into. I make my own meaning.

Turk & GunPlay : Blame It On The System – The streets made it relate. We basically just hit it with a phone call. GunPlay was going thru his situation, I believe he was on house arrest and I had just came home from doing my 8 years, 8 months, 16 days, so it was kind of like real niggas just came together and spoke on a topic, what we went thru and going thru. 

Don’t never stop when people turn they back, don’t think the doors closed, just know that it’s an opportunity for you to 3-4 more doors to open and with the combination it’s a way to be found. I want to shout everybody that’s grinding.

In the music business, you just have to stay you. You see me, basically I do it cause of the love of it. The money and everything is good and is gonna come. Stay focused and grounded and change with the times without getting too far from where I come from andwhat made into the person that I am. You got to adapt. We creatures of habit and can adapt to anything like in prison man…

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