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In learning, nothing is more profitable than to associate with others who have learned is a 

passage from Hsun Tzu in ENCOURAGIN LEARNING (1). I believe power comes from the willingness to 

learn and gain ways to understand others points of view with my point of view. My meaning of power is 

people often wonder even the righteous. Also with power brings responsibility and education is power.

As a student I have had to learn ways to train my brain to become powerful and to stay 

powerful by not falling into boredom. Math was not one of my favorite subjects for quite some time. I 

had to gain encouraged learning by finding ways to make math profitable while in school. When I looked 

to the bright sun above the 800 meter track, I had an epiphany, “how could I not love math when I run 

with math everyday.” This made me powerful because I was able to execute my speed timing and 

distance to a higher plateau so when I was in math class I was able to image myself running distances to 

better understand my equations. This was my phenomenon that had my cause (Tzu 2) and it was my 

daily mood that made the weather for this powerful experience like Haim Ginnot (1).

With Power brings: rewards, legitimacy, a referent and expertise according to Haim G. Ginott

(Ginnot 2). This settles to the same meaning of people often wonder even the righteous. At every level 

of education a person must allow their brain to think and create solutions. As a collegiate student I want 

to be able to give understandable instructions to my classmates and others. I also want to be able to 

create a positive discussion with my professor. This type of learning allows a person to gain satisfaction 

because a person will be able to not only grasp information but to also be able to create a learning 

environment and that is powerful.

There is a responsibility that comes with power. This responsibility is about sharing information 

and being able to agree to disagree (Ginott 5). In my opinion one of the largest difficulties in a classroom 

is accepting another person opinion and point of view. For example, is the glass half empty or is the 

glass full. The responsible approach would be to discuss the how the glass ended up that way. Open 

ended questions create conversation and stimulate the mind to think. Sometimes with education, the 

only wrong answer is the silent one.

The greatest profits with education are simple to find if you explore your thought and the 

thoughts around you. The power of education allows for mistakes, debates and triumphant moments 

within the same situation, or classroom for this matter. Everybody can learn from somebody so nobody 

needs nobody to gain power from education.

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