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All he did was listen to his wife. Stanley wore the blue suit as she suggested. "Stanley, the red tie shows muscle, firmness and force," said his wife. Only if she knew Stanley was taking all of the firmness and force in his mind to control his abused stomach muscles. She knows he was lactose intolerant but still decided to add cheese and milk to his mornings grits and eggs. But she sure knew how to make perfect coffee with 4 sugars and three creams. After grinning from the coffees aroma, with calmness Stanley spoke. He said, "I have the perfect woman in my life."

During that mornings breakfast, Tiani, Stanley's wife had presented him with a carrying case for his supplies and commute. The left-handed Stanley placed his new composition book, two Pilot G2 Retractable Gel pens, and his 4GB flash drive in his carrying case. He then confidently kissed his wife and headed to the transit station. On the way to the transit station, he was checking text messages and emails. Between the multiple congratulations and votes of confidence from people in the neighborhood, he read the email with the address of where he had to go. After making a phone call to Cory to shoot the breeze, he sat down at the bench. He knew exactly about the location he was going to, after all it was directly across the street from his favorite tattoo parlor. Stanley looked at his phone and scratched his head after realizing he never charged his phone and his battery life was at 27 percent. He looked at his wrist and noticed he forgot his stainless steel Polo Co. watch. Then he smelled himself. The Usher fragrance had instantly rebuilt his confidence. He suspiciously grabbed his flash drive from his carrying case and began humming music to help kill time. He had forgot hisiPod beside the unfinished eggs and grits.

After watching six buses and two trains come and go, the transit station was only occupied by a litterers Heaven and the splint Stanley received from the overused wooden bench. Stanley peeked his eyes up and saw a triple black May Bach parked directly in front of him. He tried to show no emotion because he knew he needed to focus to get through the day. Stanley clutched his flash drive deeper into his dry right palm. Then he heard a voice from the direction on the classy luxury car say, " Mr. Stanley Tracks, do you have your music on the flash drive, because I have your contract. Welcome to DefJam Recordings."

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