The One on One interview with A.J. Davis, C.E.O. of A-Line Entertainment turned out to be very informative. So all of you music business interests need to pay close attention to the moves that this Full Sail University, Music Business graduate has made and is conspiring for upcoming projects.

A–Line Entertainment started in 2009 while A.J. was interning under Jim Johnson and Rico Love at Midnight Blue Studios. A.J.’s has the work ethic and is seasoned to this business based on his education and experience over the years. Many, ranging from Diddy, the Marley’s and back to his family inspire this C.E.O.


His advice for those wanting to jump into the music business:

Make sure this is something that this is what you want to do


Invest in yourself

If you think about it, you do it

And educate yourself on this business cause a lot of people don’t know what the hell they are talking about


The A-Line Entertainment C.E.O. needs you to understand that school taught him things that many don’t know. These are obviously major advantages. Intellectual property, entertainment law classes and product and distribution classes are just a few courses that he is blessed to understand and is using to his advantage for his team.


A.J. Davis uses caution in this business and wants you to just educate yourself in this business. You’re not the only who hooked artists and producers together and at the end of the day you didn’t get paid, “it comes with the business.” A.J. challenges himself by setting goals; he’s never satisfied and wants to set up new challenges for himself.


A.J. Davis is managing Young Trizo, artist/ producer/ engineer. DOWNLOAD: YOUNG TRIZO – GWAP SEASON 2: RELOADED on and look out for JU JAMES.



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