1. What type of businesses are you in the entertainment world?

(A)I’m in the modeling business I want to be seen as a public figure. 

2. How did you get started and what work have you completed?

(A)It was interesting how I stared; I was on an online dating site and I meet this guy by the name 

of Himes (artist). We started to conversate and I told him that I wanted to model. He looked at 

some of my photos and gave me Terrell Wicker (C.E.O) of Urban Spice Magazine information.

I sent Terrell some photos and he invited me to register to Urban Spice web site. 

I’ve completed three fashion shows five photo-shoots. 

Fashion shows 

(My Sexy Little Valentine – Urban Spice)

(Fashion on the Lawn – Urban Spice)

(Imaging by Lenora – Lenora)

Photographers/ photo shoots 

(Dream Girl ATL April 2014 –El Plenty) 

(Urban Eve June 2014 – Snaps lab)

(The Chase October 2014 – Event photographer Daniel)

(Thru My Lens March 2015 – Memphitz)

(Denise April 2015 – Sharpshooter)

3. Where are you from, where do you love ad what is your background?

(A)I’m from Atlanta, GA. I live in Stone Mountain, GA for right now. I’m African America; my dad is 

black, white, and Indian my mom is black.

4. What is a day in your life like?

(A)A day in my life is crazy I’m a single working mom beginning a modeling career.

I work 5 sometimes 6 days a week with three boys ages 8, 4, and 2. I have really have no time for 

myself when I’m not working or home with my boys I’m out going to casting calls updating my 

portfolio and promoting myself on IG and Facebook. 

5. What are your measurements? How do you keep fit?

I’m tiny lol I’m 5’1.5 100lbs breast 31, waist 26, hips 35 

(A)I’m very active I run, jump, swing, football, basketball, etc. You name it I’m doing I can’t set 


6. What is next on your goal?

(A)I’m ready to start traveling; I want to be on billboards, ready for print work, commercials you 

name it I’m applying for everything. I’m looking for management or an agency now for more help.

7. How do you stay motivated and hater-free?

(A)I have a high drive I know what I want and I’m going for it. On top of that I have three little ones 

that have needs so I always on go. I don’t think no one can be hater-free lol I have people that 

don’t like me all because I’m me but I know what’s important so I stay to myself.

8. Any shout outs?

(A)Yes I want to shout out the people that helped me start my career.

Himes IG @getathimes

Urban spice magazine IG @urbanspicemag

Lenora IG @model_imaging_lenora

9. Do you believe dreams come true? Why?

(A)Yes I do.

Because if you really work hard for something that you want and network more than ever then 

yes your dreams will come true.