Franchise is a 31 year old rapper who wants to show people that Miami brings different types of talents because Miami has people from different walks of life. He is from Miami Gardens, FL. Franchise's inspiration for his original creativity as an artists comes from wanting to changing the game and giving the game the real hip-hop feel back.

The Pre-Vent Massacre Mixtape is Franchise's latest project that brings his peers proof that Miami has lyricists. He says a day in his life is full of promotion, writing, doing features and just grinding hard. He doesn't see anything holding him back. He knows he just has to keep grinding and pushing himself as an artist. Franchise the studio is where he can have fun.

My definition of success is to be good at what you are doing and make sure anybody around you makes money and be a mastermind and boss at the end of the day. - Franchise

Twitter: @FranchiseDade
Instagram: @FranchiseDade