The Miami recording artist Jada Breeze is ready to Wild Out. With his Bahamian and Turks & Caicos roots, Jada Breeze has a single for you and he is using his ties to Atlanta for a major push but that’s not the only push.

 Jada Breeze started off rapping as a youngin’. At  11yrs old he began writing and was doing shows by 13.  At 19 he came home from prison and while incarcerated this talented emcee was perfecting his lyrical craft.  He credits his father as his main musical influence.

“My music relates to the hood, but also commercial…it’s neutral. And with soca music influence, soca music, it keeps you moving, it’s feel good music and music that makes me move.” – Jada Breeze, All Around Music Group (AAMG)

 Jada Breeze has a hot track titled, “Wild Out” featuring Gucci Mane on the BSM Campaign Mixtape. When asked about this banging record he wanted the readers to know this:

 Aktual made the beat, I took it home, dropped the hook and 3 verses. Then I was asked if I wanted Gucci Mane on the song. Of course I was like yeah, and my record company said it would be soon. I went to the club, got in at 7am and Gucci was there. I was so tipsy drunk and tired, then they told me I was bout to record with Gucci Mane, it’s a grind, it was Gucci…I needed that period. And the song was done by 8am at 11th street studios. The promo video record was at Magic City in Atlanta and in the studio.” – Jada Breeze

He plans on recording the official video with Gucci Mane in January or February. He went on to explain how he’d rather promote one song as his single rather than many back to back. It’s a profitable decision to push a track from his block to the world because the world hasn’t heard it yet and with Gucci Mane on the track that’s a great hustler decision to make

 Jada Breeze’s advice to up and coming rappers is this:

“Its’ important to focus on one single because your friends may have heard it but its many that have not heard it.” – Jada Breeze

 He says the hardest things to deal with in the hip hop world is the hate, sneak dissing, the fact that it’s hard to trust people and money wise, it’s very expensive.

 Jada Breeze’s definition of success:

"Reaching your goals and accomplishing everything you put your hands on and can think of. Success can also be riches but it’s accomplishing your goals! Growing up, a lot of people around me didn’t push me to accomplish as many goal as I should of.” – Jada Breeze

 Check out the Redbull & Henny, Rose’ sippin Jada Breeze. His links are below. He’s recording with the big boys. Just understand, he’s here. He has good music and with Gucci Mane on “Wild Out” it should catch more people’s attention.