Da Front Porch Hustla always believed in putting family first and wanted to see the best in people but when he was drinking it was not uncommon for him to lose a sense of reality and his surroundings.   These are the reasons that caused Miami strip club boxer Jamara “Lil Brown Sub” Randolph to really open up to da Front Porch Hustla during the Tip Drill Magazine interview for the Memorial Weekend Edition.She discussed how anger, alcohol and being around the wrong crowd caused her more pain even as the champion. Those that knew her personally would try to bring her feet back to Earth but when a person’s head is in the cloud it can be very difficult to humble them. Fans, promoters and celebrities such as Ludacris made her feel like a celebrity. The truth is that Jamara “Lil Brown Sub” Randolph is a very sweet woman who devotes her time to her children, going to school and increasing here spiritualty daily while letting go of the past demons that she buried in her left hook. After she explained how she loss everything and how people she considered as friends tore her soul, da Front Porch Hustla told her that it’s time to forgive. She asked him, “How?” His answer was simple, “Forgive yourself for being in that situation, forgive them for not protecting you and learn to love them from a distance. Check out the full interview, “Resurrection of Lil’ Brown Sub” on the Tip Drill Magazine Memorial Weekend Edition.