Jeffery Cason Jr. is a one of a kind star. Much of the world he is in knows him as Baby J. aka JJ because of the passion he has for every step he makes in life. This upcoming choreographer is a dancer and entertainer. He wants people to know that the choreographer shows the dream and makes it possible for the dancers to tell the story through live movement. Baby J’s number one best friend is his mother. Before he was born his mother would put headphones to her stomach-playing hip-hop, blues and even rock and roll.


Baby J is also inspired from being able to change the lives of others. He wants to show the world “a different side, a different aspect.” His advice to those who want take the art of dance as a profession is simple, “make sure that your soul has to be in it.” As a kid in the grocery store he would hear music and dance while grabbing the pork and beans at the same time. Baby J is poetry in motion.


I then asked him about having any struggles with the outside world as a male dancer. He went on to say that after high school he went to college and during that transition he thought that he was done with dance because of all the people he had seen. He called this his, “stumbling block.” A mixture of inspiration and jealousy made Baby J come back with a vengeance. His personality, attitude and work ethic allows him to want to master each type of dance that put his way. He also says that he still gets butterflies when he goes to his utopia, his perfect home, his perfect world – the stage. And then Baby J becomes that character.


His motivational message to the readers is, “Let your heart speak to you, stop trying to speak to yourself and tell yourself that this is over.” Baby J is also a member of a dance group called Live In Color and were featured on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.