Da Front Porch is glad to have you back! How has the acting world been treating you recently?

    -Well, thank you. I apologize for not being able to do this interview in person but I've been sick with a cold. Well, the acting world is ok. I'm auditioning & trying 2 get as much work as I can.

    For people that want to be actors, what kind of training would you recommend?

    -Take Acting classes, workshops & also watch movies. Even the films with the bad acting, they teach you alot Lol. Also, doing Extra Work, you learn alot on set & you never know who you're going to meet to give you that "Big Break".

    Can you tell us about recent projects or upcoming projects?

    -Well, I was recently featured on a show called "South Beach Tow". I went all out with my Improv & had a blast on that set.

    What are you plans for this summer?

    -I will probably be in NY. Not sure yet.

    Can you tell people about places they should visit in New York and Miami? The choice is yours?

    -The Bronx!  Hahaha!

    How can people contact you?

    -People can contact/message me on my Actor's FB page:www.facebook.com/jennifermendoza818

    Who are some of your favorites actors/actresses and why?

    -Angelina Jolie, Robert Deniro, Al Pacino, Bill Moseley, Heath Ledger, Jeremy Renner, Michelle Williams, Christian Bale, Brittany Murphy, Jim Carrey & some others. Too many to name. These Actors have a presence that I admire. They dive in to their roles & completely commit.