1. Where is LAYLA FINESSE from?
  - Miami baby! Born & raised

2. How much confidence did you have to have be an adult model and entertainer? 
- At first, I was beyond nervous & not even about if I'd be good or if they'd (the directors) would like me; but of what people would think. But I took a look at the situation that I, at the time was in & realized I couldn't let the opinion of others stop me from eating. So that mind set alone gave me all the confidence, and I tightened up real quick!

3. Where can people see you do your thing online?
- If anyone wants to follow all my work and get updates on all my latest scenes and projects, they can follow me on Twitter. @lafinessexxx

4. How do you want to be contacted via social media? 
- I dont mind being messaged through my IG & Twitter. But I prefer whenever anyone wants to set a booking up to contact my booking email (lafinessexxx@gmail.com)

5. What was the wildest thing that happened while on set?
- Okay, so dont ask me who, but I went out to the east coast last month and I had a shoot with this well known director, and he was must mad weird! He would stand & stare while im doing makeup, he sweat way too much while shooting & he had the strangest obsession with feet. He would pet my toes in between takes to help himself think!

6. What were you doing when you decided to be a porn star actress?
- Before porn, I was a bartender in Miami Beach.

7. How does it feel to watch yourself having sex on film? 
- At first it was crazy as hell! I would look & think "oh my God, look at my slut ass!"  - but now I love to see myself. I think I look good AF!

8. Do you like girls?
- With enough Henny & persuasion anything is possible.

9. What makes you a hustler?
- I would say its my will power. Any one can make something for themselves. A hustler is someone who can get up everyday and make something for themselves, despite how hopeless things may look.