What's been going on since the last year we have met? 
I currently started a new company Ladii Like Status Platinum promotions ,Modeling and photography ,and we are working on things such as A 2013 Calender for Colorado and Currently doing Thursday night Promotions For Meadow Muffins Bar and grill in which we bring together model's, musicians and even photographers. I want to be able to play around more with my photography because it has Always been a passion!

What kept you inspired to get where you are at today?

My perseverance is to always be the best for My Daughter's,They are my world and They deserve the best! 

What do you expect from the rest of the year?
Success, I refuse to fail. And being able to help other's more.

Are there are new people on your team?

Yes I have a whole team Now. I have a business Partner Now with the new company and about ten model's on my team! I am blessed with the People I work with !!

How have the Batman Massacre effected your community in Colorado Springs, Colorado?

It effected us down here in the Springs. It was a horrible tragedy that no person should ever have to go through..My prayer's go out to all those families that were hit by the tragedy..

Do you have any shoutouts?
I would like to give a shout out to my Business Partner David Logurecio,
My best friend and partner Miss Ladii Sassii, and my mother Hazel woods who helps me with my promotions and my girl's while I'm working! I am very thankful for what I have ! And ALL my supporters,without the support I wouldn't be where I am today !