How did you get into writing and what inspires you to keep writing?I originally got into writing naturally as a child. Truthfully, the household I was raised in did not allow me to have a voice, so the pen did my talking for me. I started out just keeping diaries, then poetry, plays, and it keeps evolving over time. What inspires me to keep writing is the satisfaction of expressing myself, having an outlet for my creativity and thoughts, and the hope that something I write about may inspire others or impact them positively in some way.

Who are the main people that you want to want to reach with your creativity?The main people I want to reach with my creativity are those who suffer from depression, outcasts, those searching for spiritual truth, and anyone who will receive what I have to give.

What do you do, or what gets you in the mode to write? Different things get me in the mode to write. Sometimes I can just listen to music. Other times, something in nature may motivate me to write. Also, nothing like a deadline to get me in the mode to write. 

What are your main goals for this year and how is that coming along? My main goals for this year are to submit some short scripts to various contests, as well as polish my thesis script and submit that to contests as well. This year I want to find a literary agent. Right now my goals are coming along slowly. I'm in a transition period. I just started a teaching job and I'm working on my Ph.D, but I will start looking this month for contests or competitions that I think will be a good fit for me.

How can people contact you or see some of your work? People can contact me via facebook at, or Some of my work can be found on my facebook fan page Mellenee Carpenter, my ebooks are available through, and I have a book available through, Author Mellenee M. Miller.

Which color describes you and why? I think Lavender is a good color to describe me because it is a soft and gentle color. Lavender blends well with other colors, it's not too bold and not too dull. Lavender is supposed to be soothing and relaxing, and I think that sums me up.

What is your definition of success? My definition of success is achieving personal and professional goals, being content with one's self, finding inner or spiritual truth, and having a loving circle of family and friends. I also think success includes prosperity on all levels, in health, wisdom, and wealth.

What are some words of motivation to those who want to be an author?To the aspiring author: Never give up on your dream, make time to write, write, write, and write some more, block out the inner critic, get your ideas down on paper, get a support group, immerse yourself in the literary community, network, set your goals, modify, and grind until it's time to shine.

How do you deal with haters? I deal with haters by continuing to do what I do. I deal with haters by accomplishing my goals and living my dream. Oh, and I deal with them in love. Be wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove.