My name is Papa Doc. I came about as a result of the relationship that my grandfather had with the Dictator "Papa Doc" that once ruled the Island of Haiti. I'm from Jamaica Queens originally but also lived in Florida and presently living in Brooklyn. My past projects include my Album/mix tape "Built for this... Now or Never"  hosted by Desert Storm - DJ Don Demarco.
I currently have a Single out called "My Papa" witch is available on iTunes. I'm performing doing shows. I recently opened up for K- Michelle and Mack Wilds @ Club Amazura in Queens New York. My Single is playing in a few radio markets so please request "My Papa" thank you.  I'm looking to release another single soon and then introduce my album early 2015. You can go to my website and hear and watch music, music videos and live performances; you can also get all the links to my social media pages.

 People can reach me via email.  or  papa@prettygoodmusicllc.comTo me, Hip Hop means the expression of my experiences through words that happen to rhyme. Shouts to South Side and North Side Queens. Shouts to Bushwick and Bed-stay Brooklyn. Shouts to the Fourth Omen Society. Shouts to Pretty Good Music LLC. Shouts to Zoe's.

Success to me is finding joy and gratification in what you do, I know most people define success by how much money you have but guess what, if your passionate about what you do the money will come, Facts.