Thank you stopping da Front Porch Association. My name is Natasha Cause but you can call me Lady Tee. I am the personal assistant to da Front Porch Association owner, Hurshel Victor Ricks II, also known as da Front Porch. I am your first contact when you reach out to da Front Porch when it comes to questions, concerns or ideas that are both general and specific. By you reaching out to me first, I may already have the answer you are looking for. But if I do not, I'll be more than happy to setup an appointment for you with da Front Porch or provide da Front Porch with a detailed message to save you time so that you can get back to what you do best...which I am sure is "creating original creativity." 

Contact Information : (Email) : cause.tee.13@gmail.com ( #) : 304-787-7339

Da Front Porch promotes original creativity.

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