Anaiyah Sunshine is a model, singer, dancer, actress and make up artist from Miami, Florida. 

 In 2014, she was in Funkshion Week modeling for Krel. 

Anaiyah Sunshine is an eccentric woman and full of life. She keeps in mind that life isn't promised to anyone.

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 Her experience has allowed her to work with several companies. In 2014, she was features in Essence Magazine. 


 Through out her career she has hosted radio shows and events and has created a positive atmosphere with her personality, beautiful looks and ambition. Anaiyah Sunshine is also seen in Show Girl Black Lingerie 24. Her list of work and contributions is loaded. 

Anaiyah says that ambition is important because without ambition you would not know your full potential and that it separates your from the movers and the shakers. 

In November, 2014, she will be in a stage play entitled, BE THERE, at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida. At this time she is too thankful to mention them all.  It's a good thing we have GOOGLE.  

Live The Dream. I am a firm believer of living through your dreams because dreams can change the world - Anaiyah Sunshine