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Bre Harris, more notably known by his stage name, BOSS HARRIS is a Miami native and artist from BrownSub. Some may recognize this Miami rapper by his former stage name, Boss Bre, which has recently been changed to BOSS HARRIS to represent His artistic and personal growth, he states that the name change “is representative of his transformation as an artist”, however Harris is in no way new to the music world in which he was born into. Boss' grandfather was huge in the Miami music scene and a well respected Businessman & Quartet Vocalist. Boss was in direct contact with the heart of Miami’s music in an intimate way through the Pioneers and this insight greatly influenced Boss' sound.

Boss’ musical style and sound is truly distinctive; with musical influences such as: JT Money, Trick Daddy, Uncle Luke and old skool acts particularly old skool Miami rappers, its then no surprise that his sound would be so unique. Boss states that old skool Miami rappers speak of and live the REAL culture of Miami where “people really have fades, dread locks, rock Dickie Sets....its that gutter and struggle music”, its music that speaks of the tropics, hence the recognizable flavor in Boss’ music.

With music in Boss’ blood in was almost inevitable for him to have gotten bitten by the music bug and at such a young age. At the age of five Boss' decided to perform at a family reunion talent show, which was the place and moment where a young BOSS HARRIS decided that music was the only path for him. Boss' musical career truly took off after losing very close family members like Pierce "Slick P", and Fred "FK" Killings. After those tragic losses Boss happened to connect with an inner pan that created a quality of music that is sure to have longevity.

In 2013 Boss met his music mentor and brother figure "X", Instantly he took a liking to the work ethics that X instilled in him as an artist. Who in turn introduced boss to his one and only engineer "ZaZa" every since then its been magic in the studio when they create.

 In 2014 Boss worked with a collective titled the Foreign Gang, which is a group of prominent artists such as "Supa" "Mr. Zeek" and "LegendJones aka JuiceDatBoi".

In addition, BOSS HARRIS is now currently working on a few projects, which are soon to be released later this year. With music being Boss' calling it is evident as to why and how his life has unfolded thus far, destiny seems to be playing the leading role in this musician’s life, nothing but greatness is to come. 

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