Did DJ Khaled find and share the fountain of you because today I woke up feeling 10 years younger. DJ Khaled woke up the streets June 5, 2017, with with some heat featuring Drake on the track, "To The Max." Everybody from South Florida was in tune because of the Jook Sound Shout to Miami producer Major Nine. No it is not New Jersey Club music or the Baltimore Bounce. The Miami Jook sound has been around for years with hits from Grind Mode, Desloc Piccalo, Ball Greezy and Bizzle (RIP). Damn near all Dade and Broward including artists, deejays and dancers had their motions with the Jook Sound, but leave it to DJ Khaled to awaken the streets around the global just in time for summer 17. And on top of that, the album, "Grateful" drops June 23, 2017. Yes, its another one.

A lot of cats from up north might not understand the vibe of  having a good time in the 305 because it's new to them but don't hate on the south because we shmoney'd and milly rocked with ya'll. You can't deny feel good music.

Maybe because I'm from da bottom, I wanted to hear Drake accompanied by Ballgreezy, Ice Berg Billion and Mike Smiff, I'm not mad at all for the direction of, "To The Max" with production by Cool and Dre. Keep shining Khaled. And shout out to Asahd Khaled, executive producer. Sounds like he has an ear for music. Keep boppin. Keep jookin.

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Artists that took the jook sound to another level are