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Did you check out the 1 on 1 interviews? Below are links to articles that I wrote for you to read. 
Da Front Porch Association is owned and operated by Hurshel V. Ricks II. His artist recording name is Da Front Porch Hustla. Da Front Porch is a Creative Writer for Entertainment and lives his life through Media Communications. He attends Full Sail University. He is signed with F.A.M. Entertainment, Family Always Matters, based in Miami Beach, Florida. 

He is from Miami, Florida and is a military baby. With his mother being from Miami and his deceased father from Atlanta he has a southern soul. He currently lives in West Virginia (Metro D.C.) and Miami, FL. He is a father to one child, he nicknames her his "pumpkin."

Even a car accident that ejected him out of a vehicle couldn't stop him from loving to live life. The coma, neck, brain and back injury and the  internal injuries were just some minor setbacks. He also lives with Trigeminal Neuralgia. 10 out of every 100,000 people in the U.S. live with Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Da Front Porch has a blog that he uses to interview interesting people with original creativity and positive vibes. Da Front Porch has written articles and interviews for hip hop websites. His work has been published across the board from Yahoo ! Contributors to Tip Drill Magazine and XXL Magazine. He is also a music critic for as well as owns and operates Da Front Porch Radio on the TuneIn network. Download the TuneIn App today. It is free.

Da Front Porch is a member of the Writers Guild of the East, ASCAP and BMI. His music as of the summer of 2016 will be distributed by So South Distribution. With filming and video under his belt, Da Front Porch is an accredited screen writer. The short film, "Guilt" was viewed in 2013 at The African American Film Festival. Da Front Porch is also an accredited writer for music videos, short films, biographies and editorials. 

Da Front Porch supports indie and up and coming artists and has also covered events with media including Rick Ross, Lil Scrappy, French Montana x Coke Boys, Flo Rida, Meek Mill.

Da Front Porch is a photographer and videographer specializing in the Behind The Scenes at public and private events and prides himself in building portfolios for up and coming artists, models and entertainers so they can control their own path with a positive structure. 

Da Front Porch Radio is a 24/7 online hiphop urban radio station and we support up n coming artists.

He is currently working on building a stronger media outlet with F.A.M. companies F.A.M. BaZ78, AZREAL MAGAZINE. Also be on the lookout for #GH2 Girls Hustle 2 Readers Digest.

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